Introduction to Story Workshops

Storytelling workshops can be arranged for a number of reasons. I can help with those reasons. Contact me. When asked to talk about the beginning of storytelling I usually start with something like the following. This is to give you a feel for how it all happened so, so long ago.

Introduction to Storytelling

History of storytelling:

Before the printing press was invented by Gutenberg in 1453 AD, before scrolls were put into the first Library at Alexandria, built by Ptolemy Soter in 307 BC and even before the figures were drawn on the walls of Egyptian pyramids, which date back 6000 years ago (4000BC) there were STORIES.

Yes, there were pictures on cave walls and on rocks, in fact the oldest known picture of skiing was drawn in southern Norway 4500 years ago, but these pictures had stories that went with them.

So what really is storytelling?


        We all tell stories of life and the events that take place every day. Going to school or to the store, life happens to us and a story is created when we see a friend and say. “You won’t believe what just happened to me! I was going to the store to get some new toothpaste and I had just gotten out of the car when a great big green dragon swooped down and grabbed this old man right off the parking lot. They flew away, banging and breaking buildings as they went into the sky. Can you believe that? Right in front of me!”

    Yes, the first four things can be learned and with practice perfected, but spoken words don’t just happen. The spoken words come from inside of the teller and the spoken words create the story bringing it to life, passing it from the teller to the listener. The spoken words draw a picture, change feelings, touch hearts, build courage, make a smile or shed a tear. The spoken words connect us as brothers and sisters in one great family on this globe we call home.

    Workshops and study sessions

to learn about stories or learn

to tell your own personal story,

or maybe even to tell an old or

new fable can be arranged with

a small amount of lead time,

as little as 30 to 45 days. It is

better to give your organization

time to plan, advertise, and

encourage folks to attend.

    Contact me and let’s plan an

event that will meet all your


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Stories about life were passed from one person to another. Stories of people’s history, how the world began. Stories of how the family of man began. Stories of how things happened. Wisdom of the elders was passed to the people by storytellers. It was not written, it was not memorized, it was lived and told to the tribe by the storyteller

It is the answer to the questions of life. The shared experiences in ones’ life. The events of the day, the problems, the solutions, the observations of people, the animals seen and hunted, and lastly the interactions and/or transactions which involved the teller and his tribe. Stories were the answers and explanations to questions of life.

    What is the difference between you telling a story to a friend and the professional storyteller who comes to your event? Mainly five things.

Attitude, Sound of the Voice, Gestures, Listening and Words.