Kenneth Foster Storyteller


    Oral tradition differs from the written word in how it touches our core being. Kids’ and adults’ imaginations are transformed through the spoken word.  Because it’s an auditory experience, images are formed in the listeners’ minds that remain with them forever.

    Kenneth Foster’s stories can transport even a reluctant reader/learner into a world of discovery and wonder. His work is integrated with the California State Content Standards (K-8) to build on units of study emphasizing a variety of learning styles.

    These stories are suitable for audiences of all ages. They instruct as well as entertain, showing us how traits of strength, courage, and determination can enrich our lives. These tales speak to us through the ages from countries around the world with lessons needed for our growth and development.

Kenneth’s description of his life experiences fits well into this category with insights that we need to hear.






"Ken has a low key, natural style and a warm wit that make you feel right at

home. He uses a lifetime of experience to take you to a humorous family

reunion or a gripping scene from history with equal ease, and the journey is

a delight!"

Liz Nichols

Past Storytelling Director


What is storytelling?

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