Kenneth Foster, Storyteller

Programs Long and Short

The Long Programs

    These four programs can be tailored to

the audience’s needs, depending on time,

class/group size and background/understanding.

Galileo Galilei (biographical)

    brief account of his life

    his early class room work

      introduction to the telescope

    thoughts about his house arrest

Classroom work may include falling objects, pendulums, lenses

Pre- and post-presentation materials available

George Washington Carver (biographical)

    his secret garden and gaining an education.

    his work saved the South

      the United Peanut Associations of America (UPAA) and Ways & Means Committee

    friendship with Henry Ford

Classroom work may includes making of Peanut Butter, planting of a peanut plant

Pre- and post-presentation materials available depending the program.

Tsunami Series

   This is a digital slide show and more science then story. There is a separate program for every two grades. 1st & 2nd; 3rd & 4th; 5th & 6th. The programs meet what is required by the California state standards.

The stories involved with this program are: 

    The Moken People,

    Tilly Smith,

    Ojiisan’s Bell,

Tsunami accounts from:  Chile in 1960,  Alaska in 1964,  Northern California in 1964,

also in Hawaii and Japan both in 1960 and 1964. Then the last big tsunami in Indonesia Dec. 26, 2004.

Pre- and post-presentation materials available

    These character traits/self-improvement programs are ideal for the classrooms or small groups.

    They are packed with folklore and wisdom. The stories are never harsh and often tickle the funny bone.

    A program can be 15 minutes to 1 hour long and are always age appropriate.





Judging Others



Self Discipline

Self Worth


These programs can be used in a variety of ways, contact me and let’s talk about your goals.

For other information, email Kenneth at: or 707-540-0655

The Short Programs

     Many schools, churches and youth groups want their young people to learn skills that will build character. While the world around us seems to be spinning out of control, stories of the sages can ground our lives.

Judging Others

Veterans’ Day Service

    Along with stories about Great Americans, such as Bulletproof Washington and Francis Scott Key and the Writing of the Star Spangled Banner, I tell personal stories of my time in Viet Nam (My 1st Patrol, Sick Call in the Vill, The Long Patrol) also anecdotes about my father’s time in the Submarine Service in WWII.


Santa Rosa Charter School for the Arts,  Santa Rosa, Ca.  May 2009

Where two stories were told, “The Magic Paintbrush” and the early life of George Washington Carver as an Artist/Painter.