Kenneth Foster, Storyteller


His Story. Kenneth Foster’s stories can transport you into a world of discovery and wonder. His background in science and lifetime experiences-from Navy Hospital Corpsman to San Francisco Paramedic to 28 years working for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on top-secret projects-enhance the mastery of the tales he weaves. His work is integrated with the California State Content Standards (K-8) to build on units of study emphasizing a variety of learning styles. He engages, enthralls, educates, and entertains audiences of all ages.

Traditional and Personal Stories. Kenneth’s masterful presentations of fables, legends, tales, and personal stories instruct as well as entertain. These inspiring tales speak to us through the ages from countries around the world, underscoring exemplary character traits and conflict resolutions, ultimately revealing lessons needed for growth and development. An unforgettable experience for listeners of all ages!

Historical Stories, Science Stories, Biographies and Demonstrations. Fascinating people and events throughout history continue to shape our lives today. Kenneth’s mesmerizing stories bring historical figures, scientists and inventors to life through inspiring tales and exciting hands-on demonstrations. Because of his experience as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s “Fun with Science” coordinator, he continues to energize students’ interest and ease their fears about history and science throughout California.

For information about availability/booking & types of stories/presentations please email:

Kenneth Foster, Storyteller: or 707-540-0655.


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