Kenneth Foster, Storyteller

Frequently Asked Questions

For what ages or what types of audiences/venues does Kenneth perform?

Kenneth´s stories engage and delight children (ages 4 and up) through adults.

His performances include recreational programs, school settings, storytelling events, service organizations, church events, children´s birthday parties, senior centers, retirement communities, and residential care facilities.

What types of stories does Kenneth tell?

His presentations are varied, structured to the desires of the listeners. They are all amazing! See his Program page on this website for details.


What size of group is optimal?

In an adult audience, the size is irrelevant. In a school setting, Kenneth may present to an assembly of 300 children, or a class of 20 students.  For the younger children (for example pre-K to second grade) smaller audiences are more effective, to help them stay focused on the stories.

What is the cost for a storytelling session?

There are several variables:

1. The duration of the presentation. Normal performances are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long.           However Kenneth is available for half-day and full-day presentations as well.

2. The distance to the venue. Travel time and expense are considered in the cost.

3. Multiple presentation discounts (more than one presentation at a site or in the same

    geographic area) may be available. We will work with you to stay within your budget.

For specific rates, please contact Kenneth at the email below.

How do I book a storytelling performance by Kenneth Foster? How far in advance do we need to book a presentation?

Of course, the earlier the better to guarantee availability for your first choice of dates. On the other hand, don´t hesitate to contact me even if the window is narrow as it may be possible to dovetail your event with his schedule.

What is the best way to contact Kenneth Foster, Storyteller ?

For information about availability/booking & types of stories/presentations please email:

Kenneth Foster, Storyteller at:

or call: 707-540-0655.